Moving a 2 bed house today within Salisbury. A previous customer called to move us again as they have had a great experience with us previously. Check out our reviews and look for Local Removal Companies and give us a shout Contact Man and Van Andover here

Heading to a garage clearance in Andover today. Have to sort out and dispose things off separately. We reduce reuse and recycle our waste as much as we can and try repurpose things if they can be. Contact Man and Van Andover here

Today, we are scheduled to move a 2-bedroom house for our client. This involves careful planning, coordination, and execution to ensure a smooth transition for the client. Key Details: Client Communication: Throughout the process, we maintain open communication with the client to address any concerns and keep them updated on the progress of the move. […]

“ 1 bedroom house moving done today within Andover Call us or WhatsApp us on 07888123888 for a Quote!%20Man%20and%20Van%20Andover Man and Van 2 Men and Van House Removals Flat Removals Furniture Assembly

Top Tips for Transporting Furniture Safely Whether you’re moving to a new home or simply want to relocate a piece of furniture within your current space, transporting furniture can be challenging. Ensuring your items arrive in the same condition they left requires careful planning and execution. Here are several effective strategies to consider: 1. Measure […] […]

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