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    Bed and Mattress Disposal Andover
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Bed and Mattress disposal in Andover. 

We can come collect from inside your home. Wether it is a single bed, double bed, king size bed or super king bed with mattress or wether its the bed base or the frame itself. 

We can collect on weekdays and weekends at no extra charge. 

We cover most surrounding areas around Andover

Bed and mattress disposal is an important aspect of home maintenance that many people overlook. When it comes time to replace an old, worn out mattress, proper disposal is key. Simply leaving a mattress on the curb or dumping it illegally can lead to fines, while bringing bed bugs or other pests into the waste stream creates public health risks. The best practice is to have old mattresses hauled away by a junk removal or waste disposal service that specialises in large item pickup. These companies have the trucks and equipment to efficiently transport mattresses to a licensed recycling or disposal facility.

At the facility, mattresses are often dismantled so the materials like metal springs, wood, fabric and padding can be separated and recycled if possible. Foam and other non-recyclable parts may be shredded or compressed and sent to a landfill or waste-to-energy plant. Some cities and towns have special designated days for residents to leave bulky items like mattresses at the curb for pickup. If this service is available, be sure to schedule a pickup time in advance. Proper mattress disposal keeps dangerous materials like old springs out of landfills and prevents illegal dumping. By utilising professional disposal services, communities can sustainably manage this unique waste stream.



  1. Same day waste disposal
  2. We work weekends – NO Extra Charge
  3. Sameday or next day Collections
  4. Waste Transfer notes and Receipts issued
  5. Experienced junk removers
  6. Fast and Reliable


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